Company History

SESCO (formerly known as SESPCo) was conceived in 2011 and founded in 2012 by David Collett, a successful entrepreneur & CEO of enterprises in the green energy sector.

SESCO engages in a broad range of renewable energy projects which are supported by the UK Government’s Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) and the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI). The company also undertakes LED lighting replacement projects under its proprietary Shared Energy Saving model.

SESCO manages its clients’ projects by offering holistic solutions for maximising energy efficiency across different project and technology types; whilst in turn contributing to driving down energy consumption and reducing carbon emissions.

From end-to-end, SESCO projects are managed and implemented with regard to design, installation, funding arrangements and equipment maintenance, whilst adding value for the client by eliminating difficulties that traditionally arise during such projects.

Through its unique business and financial modelling, SESCO has been able to secure key relationships with leading funding partners and institutional investors, and has successfully raised millions for project finance


SESCO has successfully developed its business model by:

  • Mobilising a national network of vetted contractors and manufacturers.
  • Developing a panel of funders for energy efficiency projects.
  • Generating a project pipeline currently in excess of £10 million.