SESCO is an independent project management company offering energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. We work for the benefit of organisations in the public and private sectors, as well as for homeowners and private landlords.

Our clients benefit from long-term savings through generating green electricity, or through saving energy by reducing heating and lighting costs. Our proprietary business and financial model means that our clients can achieve these goals with zero capital investment on their part.

Rather than offering a pre-determined product range or technologies, we offer a holistic solution, incorporating energy efficiency measures including, among others, LED lighting, Solar and Biomass energy. Our financial and business model has been developed with our funding partners who comprise leading UK and European banks and institutional investors.

These investments are specific to the renewable energy market as opposed to being tied any particular technology or product, enabling us to deliver flexible, independent solutions for our clients.

We manage our energy projects from end-to-end and offer full service project management, from design to installation, thus fulfilling our goal of a hassle-free process for our clients. We bring together the strengths of our carefully vetted contractor and manufacturer network, enabling us to provide truly integrated, independent energy solutions.

We can either supply a turnkey solution or provide a bridge between our client’s preferred contractors and reputable sources of finance. Risk analysis and risk management are fundamental prerequisites of our business model, guaranteeing peace of mind for our clients.

In essence, SESCO is a hub and a facilitator -

  • The hub identifies, qualifies and supervises projects.
  • The hub brings together a panel of contractors with experience and a strong balance sheet to deliver the projects.
  • The hub brings together a panel of funders who provide the capital expenditure for projects.